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Daniel & Revelation: A Bible Study

The Bible studies will follow the one-page spreads from The Great Prophetic Books of Daniel and Revelation: a Bible study journal, available from Andrews University Press. Before interacting with the study guides, please pray and ask God to be with you as you study the Bible.
This Bible study will run from January 1 through March 27, 2021.#

How to participate in this online Bible study:

First, read the Bible aloud. If you are studying with others, take turns reading. This is very important as the point to the studies is to engage with the Word of God.

Second, follow the study. In each study you will see what Dr. Baker felt was important and a short explanation of why he felt it was important. Everyone is encouraged to also underline and make notes of anything else they feel is important and to write questions that can be asked at the weekly review discussions via Zoom.

Third, record what stood out to you in the study. Perhaps it will be a theme for the page; perhaps a certain thought or idea that you had.

Fourth, join in on the weekly review discussions via Zoom each Saturday afternoon starting at 4:00 (Eastern).
You can also join us for worship each Saturday morning at 11:30 (Eastern) to listen to sermons related to the Bible studies to gain even more spiritual insights during this period. Join us either online via livestream  or in-person  (social distanced) at 8454 Kephart Lane, Berrien Springs, MI.
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May God bless you on this exciting journey through the great prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation!

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